bod-taczakVice President

Bill Taczak has been a Director of HMP since 2005. He heads the Finance and Budget Committee, is a member of the Short and Long Range Planning Committee, and is co-head of the Investment Policy Committee. He also serves as spokesman for HMP giving numerous talks to interested church and civic organizations.

Mr. Taczak attends St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in King George, VA. He has been an advocate for youth in the church, leading youth groups, children’s church services, and tutoring most of his adult life. He also participates in a wide variety of outreach activities.

Mr. Taczak has a Masters Degree in Physics, and is President of Applied Technology, Inc., a research and development company supporting the U.S. Department of Defense. Mr. Taczak and his wife have two children, Tom Taczak and Karen O’Bryan, and four grandchildren, Sophie Taczak, Tate Taczak, Annabelle O’Bryan, and Garrick O’Bryan.

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