Naturally Haiti

“Naturally Haiti, The Artisans of Haiti with Donna Karan” is an inspiring documentary of how artists create beautiful artifacts with materials that surround their lives—stones, recycled paper beads, paper mache, metal works from oil drums, fabric painting, sculpture and painting, tobacco leaf vases, and animal horn art and jewelry.

NATURALLY HAITI from David Belle on Vimeo.


South Haiti

A beautiful documentary from Vimeo, “South Haiti”,  spoken in Creole with English subtitles.  Outstanding photography show Haiti in a different light and demonstrate why tourism is on the rise.

South of Haiti from Alex Horner on Vimeo.


VIDEO: Madame Charite’, Rev. Constant’s mother, visited the US Board of Directors from her home in Mirebalais, Haiti.  Listen to this short early history of HMP and how integral she has been to its development.


The Reverend Jean Jeannot Joseph


The HMP Feeding and Education Program


Mrs. Marie Therese Charite


Finding Hope in Haiti


Unbreakable: A Story of Hope and Healing in Haiti

The Prime Minister of Haiti speaks (between 13.06 – 23.32)


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