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sponsor-child-1The cost of basic food supplies continues to rise in Haiti. In the last few years, our estimate for an annual sponsorship had risen from $300 to $365. Now that estimate has risen again to $415, or $35 a month. This sponsorship amounts helps in our efforts to feed, educate, and provide beginning vocational skills when age appropriate. However, we want to emphasize that a donation in any amount is appropriate and gratefully received.

HMP has been providing a daily meal for over 450 children in the feeding/education program. The children we serve need food, decent shelter, education, clean drinking water, medical care, clothes, and everything a child needs to function. We intervene in their lives and give them a chance to live.

Your sponsorship will help us give life to a child. We will provide the name and photograph of an individual child to the sponsor.


Date# In SAES Home# In Feeding Program# Of Sponsors
December 20091015025
December 201020400146
August 201222400259
August 201322500250
January 201427500272
January 201629500350


sponsor-child-2If you wish to participate, please click the link below to download a Sponsor Application Form, complete the form, and return it to HMP for processing.

Once a Sponsor Application Form has been completed and received by HMP, our sister organization in Mirebalais, Haiti will select a child for sponsorship and follow the guidelines provided by the HMP Board of Directors for overseeing the SAC program.

HMP is committed to the safety of the children in the SAC program and does not expect that sponsors will visit the children except in the event that a sponsor participates in an HMP sponsored mission trip. In the event that happens, visiting sponsors will be provided guidelines for contact between individual sponsors and sponsored children.

Thank you for your consideration of participating in this new program to help care for these needy children in Mirebalais, Haiti.


1. Sponsor a child using our online system and pay with a credit card using our secure system.

Start the online process

2. Download a printable application and send your donation by postal mail.

Download Application

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