Every donation, no matter the size, counts and makes a significant difference in the lives of those in need. 

At Haiti Micah Project, we’re committed to accountability and transparency while making a real difference. We’re proud to share that 100% of your donations go directly to project support.  

While we pay our dedicated staff in Haiti fair wages for their essential work, our American board is primarily made up of volunteers. This ensures that your donations are used effectively and efficiently, maximizing their impact on the ground. 

Join us in our mission to transform lives and build a brighter future for Haiti.  

Helping Haiti's Most Vulnerable

Our Programs

Feeding Program

Our Feeding Program provides daily vital sustenance to hundreds of children.

Education Program

Our Education Program covers essentials like tuition and school supplies.

SAES Orphanage

Our Solidarite et Action Pour Les Enfants de Sion Home serves orphaned and at risk children

Water Treatment & Purification Center

This initiative promotes health, hygiene, and a brighter future for everyone involved.

Vocational Training

We're building pathways to opportunity for Haiti's young population.
Contributions for the Feeding Program are used to cover the costs of a daily meal for each child. The daily meal generally consists of beans and rice, a meat, vegetable, and a fortified drink. In 2016 it costs $300 to feed a child for one year.
Contributions for the Education Program are used to cover the costs of child’s educational expenses.

HMP helps families cover the cost of tuition, school uniforms, exam expenses, and school materials. On average the cost of educating one child is $415.

Over the past three years, donors have responded to the critical needs for job training and skill building in the country of Haiti. As the first step, our supporters’ contributions have allowed Haiti Micah Project to build a new vocational training center in Mirebalais.

In response to the Mirebalais community’s request for training, HMP has appointed a new administrator in Mirebalais to oversee the development of the Vocational Training Center. The first programs offered will be in sewing, computer literacy, and cosmetology.

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