The Feeding Program

Nourish their potential: Your contribution to our Feeding Program ensures Haitian children receive the vital nutrition needed to grow and thrive amidst challenges.

Every child deserves a chance to flourish: Our Feeding Program ensure children don’t go hungry, empowering them to focus on their dreams and education.

Welcome to Haiti Micah Project’s Feeding Program – a beacon of hope and life-saving nutrition for children facing uncertainty about their next meal. Our journey began in 2005, initially supporting 200 children in Mirebalais to combat food insecurity. Over the years, our dedication has grown, and today, we nourish around 500 children with three meals each day.

Our mission is clear: to ensure no child goes hungry. With rising food costs globally, your support is crucial now more than ever. Every donation helps us continue our vital work, providing healthy, filling meals that enable children to focus better on their studies and thrive.

Our feeding program doesn’t just fill stomachs; it fills hearts with hope. It’s at the heart of our efforts for Haiti’s most vulnerable, giving them the strength and nourishment they need to build a brighter future. Join us in this meaningful journey and make a difference in the lives of these deserving children.

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Through transformative efforts, children once trapped in cycles of poverty are now thriving in school, communities previously parched now drink clean water, and families empowered by sustainable jobs share stories of hope reborn.

Fighting Hunger, Breaking Barriers & Changing Lives

At Haiti Micah we stand as a beacon of hope amidst the shadows of extreme poverty, dedicated to igniting the flames of possibility in the hearts of Haiti's most vulnerable.

Our mission is unwavering, to defy despair, nourish dreams and empower futures.

Through provision of life's most basic necessities we offer more than just sustenance; we offer a lifeline.

Together, hand in hand, heart to heart, we dare to dream of a Haiti where poverty is not destiny, but merely a chapter in a story of resilience, determination and boundless potential.

Join us in our journey to transform lives, one heart, one mind, one child at a time.