What We Do

Helping Haiti's Most Vulnerable

Our Programs

Feeding Program

Our Feeding Program provides daily vital sustenance to hundreds of children.

Education Program

Our Education Program covers essentials like tuition and school supplies.

SAES Orphanage

Our Solidarite et Action Pour Les Enfants de Sion Home serves orphaned and at risk children

Water Treatment & Purification Center

This initiative promotes health, hygiene, and a brighter future for everyone involved.

Vocational Training

We're building pathways to opportunity for Haiti's young population.

Where we Work

Mirebalais is a city in Haiti, located between Port-au-Prince and Hinche.

The orphanage, Solidarite et Action Pour Les Enfants de Sion (SAES Home), opened by The Haiti Micah Project, is also situated in Mirebalais.

The SAES Home caters to orphaned and at-risk children, many of whom come from the Azile Community in Mirebalais. Survival is a daily struggle in this poverty-stricken area, where chronic hunger dominates.

Access to healthcare, clean water, education, and shelter remains out of reach.

Your generosity makes a significant difference in the everyday challenges faced by the children in Mirebalais.

Mirebalais, Haiti

The Azile Communale Homeless Shelter

Rebuild their hope: We partner with the Azile Communale Homeless Shelter to care for young children, have the essential resources and support to recover and thrive amidst adversity.

Every person deserves a foundation for growth: Our Partnership with the Azile Communale Homeless Shelter ensures families facing hardship have the support needed to focus on rebuilding their lives and futures.

Established in the 1990s to house some of Mirebalais’ most impoverished, particularly the elderly, Azile is a stark representation of the hardships faced by those in extreme poverty, known locally as “pòv.” These individuals often sleep in unsanitary conditions in the open-air marketplace, surviving by begging for food and performing menial tasks for minimal pay during the day.

Many of the children who benefit from Haiti Micah Project have roots in Azile. Through the tireless efforts of Madame Charitè and the support of generous donors, we provide donations and assistance to these children and families, offering hope and opportunities for a better future.

Your support can make a significant impact on the lives of those in Azile and similar communities. Together, we can provide essential resources, education, and a path towards a brighter tomorrow for those facing the harshest realities of poverty.

Fighting Hunger, Breaking Barriers & Changing Lives

At Haiti Micah we stand as a beacon of hope amidst the shadows of extreme poverty, dedicated to igniting the flames of possibility in the hearts of Haiti's most vulnerable.

Our mission is unwavering, to defy despair, nourish dreams and empower futures.

Through provision of life's most basic necessities we offer more than just sustenance; we offer a lifeline.

Together, hand in hand, heart to heart, we dare to dream of a Haiti where poverty is not destiny, but merely a chapter in a story of resilience, determination and boundless potential.

Join us in our journey to transform lives, one heart, one mind, one child at a time.

Hope in the Midst of Desperation

In the face of extreme poverty, in addition to meals and shelter, education is the key to hope. Help provide a lifeline to the children of Haiti.