The Water Treatment Center

Sustain their well-being: Your support for our Water Treatment Center ensures that Haitian communities have access to clean, safe drinking water, vital for health and growth amidst ongoing challenges.

Every community deserves access to life’s essentials: Our Water Treatment Center ensures our community can thrive with the foundation of clean, safe water, essential for their health and prosperity.

Following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the nation faced a new crisis as cholera contaminated its rivers, making clean water scarce. Recognizing the urgent need, Haiti Micah Project (HMP) took action. In September 2011, HMP completed a water project in Mirebalais, partnering with Living Waters for the World to develop a plan for clean water provision.

The project involved digging a well, installing a pump, and implementing a water purification system, thanks to support from Grace Church, Alexandria, Immanuel Church on the Hill in Alexandria, VA, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Generous donations of supplies from First Presbyterian Church in Richmond, VA, and a solar panel from Solar Under the Sun facilitated the installation process.

Engineers from Living Waters for the World conducted training sessions, emphasizing the critical importance of proper handwashing, cooking practices, and personal care within the community. This initiative not only provided clean water for the feeding program, orphanage, and local church/school but also empowered the community with vital knowledge and resources for long-term health and well-being.

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Through transformative efforts, children once trapped in cycles of poverty are now thriving in school, communities previously parched now drink clean water, and families empowered by sustainable jobs share stories of hope reborn.

Fighting Hunger, Breaking Barriers & Changing Lives

At Haiti Micah we stand as a beacon of hope amidst the shadows of extreme poverty, dedicated to igniting the flames of possibility in the hearts of Haiti's most vulnerable.

Our mission is unwavering, to defy despair, nourish dreams and empower futures.

Through provision of life's most basic necessities we offer more than just sustenance; we offer a lifeline.

Together, hand in hand, heart to heart, we dare to dream of a Haiti where poverty is not destiny, but merely a chapter in a story of resilience, determination and boundless potential.

Join us in our journey to transform lives, one heart, one mind, one child at a time.