HMP November 2021 Newsletter

Haiti is in Crisis

Since the assassination of the Haitian President in July, the country has descended into near anarchy and economic paralysis.  A shortage of fuel has shut down major institutions – many schools, hospitals and businesses have closed.  Food and basic supplies are scarce and, when available, have doubled in price.   Many of God’s children are starving and dying for lack of food, water, medicine, and health care.  The security climate has deteriorated to the point where no one feels safe.  It has become practically impossible to live peacefully in Haiti.  Haiti’s children are crying for help.

Yet God’s work continues in Haiti.  The Haiti Micah Project (HMP) is a light that shines in the darkness as we continue to operate in an increasingly challenging environment.  Education continues to be a focus of our ministry because it is the only way a child may rise above poverty and achieve a purposeful future. 

Photos from our Summer Program computer classes. 

Congratulations Elcie and Pierre!

We are immensely proud of two young people in our home, Elcie Charlot and Pierre Guernius,  who have successfully completed their entrance exams to a local university.  To pass these exams in the midst of such chaos is an extraordinary achievement and is a testament to the resilience and determination of the young people under our care.  It is also a testament to your generosity because they could not have accomplished this goal without your help. 

Elcie Charlot on her way to College

Pierre Guernius preparing for University

Please don’t give up on Haiti and the mission of HMP. 

Your support is more critical than ever.  Keep the faith in our work to help raise and educate God’s children in Haiti. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Fr. Joseph M. Constant

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