f7f85546-3da9-4390-a5bb-8c4f8d2ffe25Thanks to your ongoing donations, the HMP children in Mirebalais have access to hard to get items like new shoes. These in the photo to the left are a loving donation from St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Sun Valley, Idaho. You have also asked us about sending things like clothing, school supplies and toys. The children will always welcome these items, however, as shipping costs rise, a toy costing $10 might end up costing many times that before it reaches Haiti. Many toys, school supplies and clothing items are also available locally for a fraction of what it would cost to ship them. Inquiries about current needs are always welcome and we would love to hear your ideas!

Shipments are ongoing, thanks to your support, and these consist of relatively expensive or scarce items like new shoes, certain equipment, and medication. When some of us living stateside go to Haiti, we often take donations as extra baggage.

One of the best solutions for the children, and for the efficacy of your gift, are monetary donations. With no overhead in the US, your gift goes directly to fund program activities in Mirebalais, including the feeding program, school tuition, school materials like backpacks and uniforms, and the SAES home.

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