DSC02028HMP has learned that Pere Jeannot, rector at St. Pierre School and Church since 2005, and member of the HMP Board of Directors in Haiti, has been transferred to his new assignment in Port–au-Prince.   Pere Jeannot has collaborated with HMP over our past 10 years, helping provide educational opportunities for children in the SAES Home and access to their health clinic.  HMP has been able to share space with his church and school for the water purification center.  Personal friends since school boys, Pere Jeannot and I have not only had professional ties, but personal memories as well.  As Pere Jeannot has said, we have laughed together, cried together.  We have shared hospitality, prays. and songs.  It is really about love, about spirituality. We have shared life and we thank God for that.

Haiti Micah Project thanks Pere Jeannot for his support through the years on behalf of the work at HMP and we are sad to have to say goodbye.  We wish him continued success in his work in his new assignment and best wishes to his family.

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