How to sponsor a child in Haiti 

The cost of what we consider to be basic food supplies continues to escalate in Haiti. Over the past few years, our estimates for annual sponsorship have increased from $300 to $365. And now, that estimate has surged again to $415 annually or $35 per month.  

An annual sponsorship helps efforts by providing essential support such as food, education, and vocational skills training (when age appropriate). Nevertheless, it’s crucial to underscore that donations of any amount are highly appreciated and always put to good use. 

HMP remains committed to providing a daily meal for more than 450 children enrolled in our feeding and education program. These children rely on us for sustenance, adequate shelter, education, clean drinking water, medical care, clothing, and all the necessities for healthy development. Through our interventions, we offer them a chance at a better life. 

Your sponsorship can make a profound difference in a child’s life.  

As a sponsor, you will receive the name and photograph of an individual child whom you’ll directly support. 

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Why Sponsor a Child?

Educational Support

With your sponsorship, children can have access to better educational opportunities for a brighter future.

Nutritional Support

Your sponsorship ensures that children have consistent access to nutritious meals for better overall health.

Encouragement & Hope

By sponsoring a child, you can offer encouragement and give hope to children in need, helping them to realize their full potential.

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