Haiti Micah Project is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its founding.  None of our past accomplishments have been possible without the critical support from our donors and the tireless efforts of the leaders and staff in Mirebalais.


The decision to rescue the poorest of the poor from their streets and provide the needed food, water, clothing, shelter, medical care, housing, and medical care has saved hundreds of children from death and given hope to them and those with families.

As we look back at how our mission began in 2005, we realize how HMP has grown to the present 2015.  Our mission has expanded, as we look for ways to teach skills needed in the HMP community and the city of Mirebalais..  We stop and remember the tremendous impact of the devastating earthquake in January, 2010 and how those few seconds fundamentally changed the lives or our Haitian children and families and our work.

The decision to form Haiti Micah Project carries tremendous responsibility.  Each child who is accepted into the program depends on us to meet the most basic of needs.  As they depend on us, we depend on the generosity and faithful support that our donors provide.  Just as they count on us, we count on you to open your hearts to these children.  For that, we are forever thankful.