DSCN3214SAES : Solidarity and Action for the Children of Zion

In 2009, HMP opened a residence that serves orphaned and at-risk children. Many of the children have come to the SAES Home from the Azile Communale in Mirebalais. Some children are at risk and living on the streets. Some are living in abject poverty with their families, who are not able to provide for their basic needs. Some are referred by Haitian agencies, and some are brought by UN workers who were forced to leave the Dominican Republic. The children living in the SAES home receive 24 hour care by a staff of six adults including an English tutor. Generally 27-30 children may be living in the SAES home. The children are thriving in their new environment and responding well to the loving care of the staff. Many are at the top of their class in school.

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