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Since the 2010 earthquake, the number of children coming to the feeding program has more than doubled.  Currently 525 children are identified for Haiti Micah Project’s Feeding and Education program. On any weekday, an average of 425 meals are served during 3 different shifts. Since Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, hungry adults who come to our doors are also served any leftover food. It costs approximately $300 a year to feed one child.

Those children in the Feeding Program are eligible to receive funding assistance for education related expenses. In 2016-2017 HMP support 330 children so they could attend school. It costs an average of $365 to educate one child for one school year. For many families, even the entrance fee can prevent a child from attending school. In addition to tuition, typical costs for families include: entrance fees, uniforms, textbooks, shoes, and exam fees. HMP supports the children and their family by subsidizing these costs for as many children as our funds allow.










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