Following their July 2015 trip to Haiti, the girls of Taratibu Youth Association (TYA) chose HMP as their Haiti Outreach mission.  We were initially delighted that the group included HMP on their Haiti trip schedule when they visited this summer.  Their trip from Cap-Haitien to Mirebalais was long and tiring.  And yet, once they arrived in Mirebalais, the girls visited our residences, Les Enfants de Sion and performed a dance piece.  Their performance left an indelible mark in the hearts of the children and young people of Mirebalais


On November 7th, the girls of TYA invited me to attend a performance by the group in Maryland and also to receive a check to support the Haiti Micah Project.  Through their fundraising efforts, the TYA was able present me with a check for $1,800 to support work in Haiti.  In addition to receiving this wonderful gift, I had the opportunity to see the group perform a song and dance of Choucoune, a song composed by Michel Mauleart with lyrics by OswaldDurand.  It was truly inspiring!

eca27793-d171-4498-be89-a525f0a50281During the performance, the girls who traveled to Haiti were given an opportunity to reflect on their experience and lessons learned.  One of the common themes was water.  The girls commented on the shortage of running water.  They had to take a shower using buckets, often having to go back outside to get more water when the water in the bucket ran low or got dirty.  They reflected on the blessing of living in the United States where water flows at all times and one can drink the tap water. I was very impressed with the depth of their reflection.

c92dd8a0-f272-4c49-a44f-3ba531b02de2The partnership between HMP and TYA makes sense in many levels.  We have two organizations that believe in empowering young girls to reach their full potential.  I am excited to work with Mrs. Arla Scott (left with me), the group’s founder and president and two key leaders in TYA, Dr. Dominique Charlot-Swilley and Dr. Yanique Edmond-Pierre (above, right), Haitians who are determined to make a difference in their homeland. I firmly believe that Haitians living outside have an important role to play in investing in the lives of children and young people in Haiti.

I am grateful to the group and leadership of TYA for this life-giving partnership.  I want to offer my profound appreciation to the girls and their dedication. With the support of family and friends, this group is making a difference and is empowering strong leaders for a better tomorrow.


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