walk-hmp-2012-005The “Walk for Haiti” is an ongoing effort started in 2012 by 8th Grader Thalia Etienne, and 7th Graders Jacob Martens and Janelle Saint-Eloi). These students approached the School Prin-cipal, Lisa Fasano, looking to help all of the children still homeless and in need of so many of life’s basic needs. With the assistance and guidance of faculty and parents, these students collected funds each year to provide food, clothing, and shelter to children who were orphaned in 2010.  Haiti earthquake. “As a school, we always try to remind the students of the need to give back to others. We are fortunate to be blessed with so much. It is our obligation, as educators, to encourage and facilitate student service,” says Principal Fasano.

The “help Haiti” initiative started long before the January, 2010 earthquake. Grade 5 teacher, Alexia Etienne, a Dominica native, introduced the Haiti Micah project to the students. Mrs. Etienne’s classes has sponsored children and sent funds to specifically assist those children.

2013 Walk

2012 Walk

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