The Referral Project


Are you looking to buy or sell a house or know someone who is? HMP is partnering with The Referral Project (TRP) which could produce significant and sustainable funding for our work. How? When you or your friends use The Referral Project to find a real estate agent for the purchase/sale of residential or commercial property, HMP will receive a donation when the real estate transaction closes.

TRP will help you or your friends find professional real estate agents anywhere in the country. They will provide connections with up to three agents and work to find just the right agent for you. If you already know an agent you would like to use, contact TRP so they can make the initial connection for you. Your real estate agent will then share a portion of their commission with TRP. TRP will donate half of their shared commission to HMP. With an average donation amount of $375 per $100,000, your use of TRP could provide significant contributions to HMP.

If you are buying or selling, why not allow some of the commission help fund HMP by using TRP to find a real estate agent. HMP will benefit only if people know about TRP and use it. So share information about this new program with your family and friends. For further information go to The Referral Project’s website,

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