elo_josephConstant_md“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved the darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.”  John 3:19

What’s going on in Haiti?  Over the past year, many of us have been wrestling with this question.  I wish I had an answer that would satisfy and offer hope to those of us who deeply care about Haiti and the Haitian people.  The bottom line is Haiti is struggling and is crying out for deliverance.  Haiti desperately needs the light of Christ to shine in the darkness.

It has been six years since an earthquake devastated the country, causing more than 250,000 deaths and leaving many injured and homeless.  It was my hope and prayer that those who lost their lives on that dreadful day would be honored with a better Haiti brought about by transformed hearts but that day of transformation has not yet occurred.

Unfortunately, the news reports coming out of Haiti are hard to comprehend.   Donald Robinson wrote, “One of the weaknesses of our age is our apparent inability to distinguish our needs from our greeds.”  The Haitian leaders’ inability to hold fair and transparent elections is tragic.  The continued violence and unrest is causing a deep sense of hopelessness in the hearts of many.  Demonstrations and violence all over the country have further damaged Haiti’s weak infrastructure.  Impacting the Haiti Micah Project, this instability has limited our ability to travel to Haiti and to spend time with the children of our project.

So where is my source of hope?  Here, I have to quote the great hymn, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.”  I need Jesus to remind me that we are in fact making a difference in Haiti in the lives of the children and youth we serve.  I am grateful for our young, talented staff members including Eliphete Mahotiere and Micar Dejardins who are doing amazing work on the ground.  Eliphete is teaching English and managing much of the meal program.  Micar is our accountant who monitors our financial operations in Haiti.   I am also grateful for our staff members who live and work at the SAES Home; the women in the kitchen working in the hot sun cooking and feeding our children day in and day out.  Their work gives me hope when I am not able to be there on a more regular basis.

I may not have an answer to the question, what’s going on in Haiti, but I know God wants us to continue to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  God wants us to continue to pray for those whose decisions and policies affect the day-to-day life of the Haitian people.  And we must continue to find creative ways to help the children and youth of the Haiti Micah Project.  The children and youth of Haiti need our continued support.

In the life of the Church, we are in the season of Epiphany, the season of light.  Light has come into the world and those of us called to embody the light of Christ must testify to the light in word and action.

The Vocational Training Center with its beautiful colors is the light that shines in the darkness. This facility will provide, among other skills, computer training to many young people.  We will find partnerships and employment opportunities to help them use the skills acquired from the program.  Part of the solution to Haiti’s problem is to empower Haiti’s children and youth with leadership skills coupled with opportunities to use those skills to better their lives and those around them.

Please continue to pray for Haiti.  Please continue to support the ministry of the Haiti Micah Project.  We are making a difference!


Joseph M. Constant

Inside the enclosure with new planters.

Inside the enclosure with new planters.

Completed security wall surrounding newly painted training center.

Completed security wall surrounding newly painted training center.

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