HMP new school yearIn 2014, 50 children in the HMP programs successfully passed their required state exams! 5 of those were children in the SAES home. What a blessing, and what a testament to the support of all our HMP friends. You are making a big, direct impact in the lives and futures of Mirebalais’s children. Who knows, there may be a future doctor, journalist, artist or president among the groups of laughing children and youth wending their way through the streets of Mirebalais, heading to school and a brighter tomorrow.

In Mirebalais, on September 8, when school began across the nation, children in the food program and SAES home put on their fresh uniforms. Many of the girls put ribbons in their hair and everyone walked to school holding hands with friends and younger siblings.

Haiti has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world–nearly 50% of men and women cannot read or write. But that is slowly changing. The Haitian government has made education for all, free education, a priority, but they cannot achieve this on their own, not yet. So  international organizations like USAID and the UN have stepped in to provide education support for targeted areas around the country.

grad pic girl 1Here, in the central plateau, Les Enfants de Sion, HMP’s sister organization in Haiti, is filling the gap. The board members of LES, all local educators, business people and leaders, know exactly who needs tuition assistance, new uniforms and books. Thanks to your support for them, the children who most need help to go to school are the first ones to receive that help.

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