jim-snowHMP board members and friends often take our message to the road, our message of hope versus despair for the children of Mirebalais. Personal interaction with our supporters is one of the most effective ways of letting people know what we are doing and how others can help. We have created a 30-minute visual presentation with over 70 photos of our work and of the challenges facing Haiti, designed to fit into the normal agendas of service clubs like Rotary or discussion times before or after worship services. We leave time for questions as we dialogue about Haiti and how our ministry there positively impacts lives.

Most recently, using Skype, we had a very successful interaction with St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Ketchum, Idaho.  Sitting at a home computer in Alexandria, Virginia, Fr. Joseph Constant and Jim Snow were able to be seen and heard by our supporters in Ketchum.   At St. Thomas, a laptop computer was hooked up to a projector enabling the audience to see and hear Joseph and Jim.  Given there are churches and organizations in distant locations around the country, Skype enables us to better communicate with our supporters.

If your club, church, or other venue is interested in hearing more about our work, contact us at info@haiti-micah.org.

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