Our rector calls them God-Incidents.  My husband, and I recently celebrated out 34th wedding anniversary.  As part of the celebration he planned a lovely evening that included dinner with our daughter at an elegant restaurant in the area.  I purchased a new glitzy jacket. My husband had a selection of new ties to choose from.  As we got dressed for the occasion, I squeezed into a pair of pants that were about two sizes to small and would remain uncomfortable for the entire night, because by any medical standards, I needed to go on a diet.  I chose to wear an elegant necklace that my husband had given me for my birthday and this was the occasion to show it off.  Giving me elegant jewelry has become a tradition and most appreciated gift and one that both he and I enjoy. For dinner I chose-two chefs specials –an appetizer –the most delectable and easy to chew mussels from New Zealand, sautéed in wine, butter, garlic, and lemon and the main course of crab ravioli with lobster tail.  For dessert-a smooth chocolate mousse, follow by a surprise tiramisu, complements of the chef. From my husband, I received a vintage necklace and earrings that reminded us of the jewelry from the early 1900s.  I would certainly look like a woman from Downton Abbey the next time we had an elegant affair to attend.

One and a half hours later we returned home.  Those pants, now ready to pop.  I looked forward to breathing room in my spacious night gown.

Sitting down to check my emails, there was one from a young Haitian student.  He and I have corresponded 6-8 times a month for many years, but this one was the second for the day.  He is going to college in the DR and lives in a rented home with 20 other students.  They have been subsidized for many years by a local church. The founder of the Haitian orphanage where they all lived as children, recently died, so they have lost their usual oversight.  In the last 6 months, this was the second email saying that he and the students were desperate for food.  “We are starving to death,” he said.  The money being given for rent and food had decreased and the 20 students were left with $68 for food for the month.  Normally the 20 students had $120 for the entire month for food.  He was apologetically asking for $10 so he and the others might eat.

Sometimes God speaks to us in quiet ways. This time it was a shout.

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