5b92bcb2-f5a2-481e-8217-fcbd5d0fe170HMP is proud to announce the graduation from high school of James Estavil. James graduated from Lycee National and we look forward to helping him plan his goals for the future. James was born in July 1993 and was a teenager and among the first children accepted into the HMP feeding and education programs. James is unique in Haiti, where only one in five children enter high school and only 2% are able to pass the Haitian National Exams and graduate from high school. Roughly 1/3 of youth between the ages 15-24 are illiterate. It is not unusual for 20 year old students in Haiti to attend high school because they may be late in starting school and may leave to help support their families. His graduation is testimony to his resilience and steadfastness in achieving his goals. It is also recognition of what a team of HMP supporters in Haiti and the US can provide.

James is sponsored by St. James Episcopal Church in Indian Head, MD

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