The Sponsor a Child program provides a child who lives in abject poverty the opportunity for food, water, clothing, and education. Many of our children come from the Azile, a government facility where people are all but forgotten. On a recent visit to the SAES home, we met Emmanuel. He has lived in the SAES Home (the housing aspect of the Haiti Micah Project) since its inception. We heard him calling out to the mission team, “Do you know Oregon?” Do you know Oregon?” The significance of his repeated question- Emmanuel knew where his sponsor lived.

Emmanuel says he is in ninth grade and wants to be a doctor. He is confident. His English is perfect. He is trilingual. Then he pulls out his school workbook and announces that he wants to read to the visitor. What does he choose? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” It turns out he is very interested in the civil rights leader.

Yes, the Haiti Micah Project and the Sponsorship Program do provide food, clothing, and shelter to a number of children. But for Emmanuel, it is far more than that. The HMP provides hope for the future, the love of caring adults, and the educational opportunities on which Haiti depends. Emmanuel knows that someone in Oregon cares about him, sends him photos, sends him cards, and remembers him during the holidays.

Won’t you be part of the solution? We are asking you to contribute $300 a year to help offset the full cost of supporting a child. You too can become a sponsor who brings hope and confidence to a young child. Give a gift to yourself by giving a gift to a child who now walks the streets of Mirebalais. It will change their life. And it will change yours.



Emmanuel is 13 years old and lives in the Solidarite et Action pour les Enfants de Sion home. He is the son of Rameau Joseph and Rosalie Loussainvil. He has two older sisters, Marantha and Victoria, and a younger brother Joel. Emmanuel’s story is emblematic of the challenge facing many Haitian parents. They simply are unable to care for their children. They cannot feed them or send then to school. For someone like Emmanuel, without the support of HMP, education would not be an option. Emmanuel has a thirst for learning and is working hard to learn English. He hopes to become a doctor someday. He also is an artist and he loves to dance. HMP provides support to all four of the children in Emmanuel’s family; otherwise, he would live out on the street. Since 2006, HMP has intervened in the lives of these four children by providing daily hot meals, tuition stipends, and uniforms, clothing, and medical care. These children are supported by Joanne Austin, Deborah Yarborough, Rev. Rosemari Sullivan, and James DiCrocco.

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