13_10_14_MS_Crepe_Sale_01_KW_1The 8th grade French students have always loved helping others and learning all about different cultures. This year our class found out about the Haiti Micah Project when Father Constant came to our school. We had lots of fun learning Creole and watching his presentation about what he does in Haiti. After he left, we researched the Micah Project website, made a slide show presentation, and taught other students about the good work of the Micah Project. Not only did we learn vocabulary in French and Creole, we also learned about the lives of Haitian people.

Father Constant inspired us with his mission to help children in Haiti, so we decided as a class that we wanted to contribute. For us, the best way to help was to raise money with food! We had a bunch of apples from a class trip, so we came up with the idea of selling crepes with apples for our first fundraiser. We peeled the apples, made the crepes, and the students at our school made a two dollar donation for one crepe. Following this, we hosted a baked potato bar, and even had a bake sale at our school play. It was so much fun, and in the end we made over seven hundred dollars to donate to a great cause. Our class decided to donate the money to the education program and to sponsor a child. We are happy to say that we could help the Haiti Micah Project children.

13_10_14_MS_Crepe_Sale_04_KWc3ff8aCommunity School Eighth Grade French Class

(Katie, Kristina, Grace, Prescott, Chloe, Amelia, Oliver, Henry, Wilson, Alex, and teacher Nancy Parsons-Brown)

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