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Solidarite et Action Pour Les Enfants de Sion (SAES Home)

SAES : Solidarity and Action for the Children of Zion

In 2009, HMP opened a residence that serves orphaned and at-risk children. Many of the children came to the house from the Azile Communale in Mirebalais, some are children on the streets, and some are referred by Haitian agencies and require immediate assistance. The children … Read more >>

The Azile Communale

The Azile Communale is a facility in Mirebalais that houses people of all ages living in extreme poverty.  Originally built by President Aristide to house the handicapped, it has become a place to live for the most destitute and hopeless people.  People living in the Azile suffer from severe deprivation of basic human needs, including … Read more >>

Water Treatment Purification System

In late 2010,  after the January 2010 earthquake, the rivers in Haiti became contaminated with cholera.  The United Nations has since stated that they are responsible for the cholera disaster.  Clean water became an increasingly hard resource to find. In September 2011, Haiti Micah Project (HMP) completed a water project in Mirebalais. The water project … Read more >>

Future Orphanage Plans

Haiti Micah Project has acquired a plot of land in Mirebalais.  Currently the land must be surveyed and preliminary designs for an initial phase for a 40-bed facility are being developed.

Future Orphanage Site…

Educating Preschoolers

In 2013, as a result of a generous annual individual donation, 10 children, preschool and kindergarten age, will be funded for school each year until they complete 8th grade. The group includes 3 boys and 7 girls, who attend a variety of schools in the area. This program recognizes the importance of early childhood intervention … Read more >>