Children's Stories


Louranso is 16-years old and one of over 200 boys and girls who will benefit from the new vocational training center and the feeding and education program. The HMP sponsorship program provides almost half of the revenue needed to cover expenses related to the feeding program, educational expenses, health care, and 24-hour care of the … Read more >>

The Boys in SAES Home

The five new residents in the SAES Home

By Mrs. Marie Therese Charite

“Please help me save these children…”

On Sunday, September 22 at 8:30 in the evening, the Mayor of Mirebalais, Max Millien, came to my house and asked me if we (Haiti Micah Project) could take three young children who used to reside … Read more >>


Jessica never knew her father.  Her mother, Maculeuse, spent her life begging for food and money.  In the Haitian context, Maculeuse is called a pòv, from the French word pauvrete or poverty in English.   A pòv is someone who lives in the worst kind of poverty.  In Mirebalais, a pòv, could be found sleeping at … Read more >>

Emmanuel Joseph and His Family

The Sponsor a Child program provides a child who lives in abject poverty the opportunity for food, water, clothing, and education. Many of our children come from the Azile, a government facility where people are all but forgotten. On a recent visit to the SAES home, we met Emmanuel. He has lived in the SAES … Read more >>

The Delanot Family

The Delanot family is the first faily to be sponsored as part of the HMP Sponsor a Child program. The family includes the father, who is disabled, the mother, and three children Yawell, Joseph, Dieudinot, and Lovelie. The family lives in a makeshift house in Mirebalais, approximately two miles from the feeding program site. Mrs. … Read more >>

Lovelie Delanot

In 2006, I visited Haiti and met a shy 4 year old Lovelie Delanot. Lovelie and her brothers were among the children belonging to feeding program of the Haiti Micah Project. As I visited the feeding program, Lovelie was very sick with a high fever and constant cough. After the children ate, I took Lovelie … Read more >>

Kervens and Roselaine Altenor

Meet two siblings who are now residing in the HMP Solidarite et Action pour les Enfants de Sion home. Kervns is 8 years old and Roselaine is 12 years old. They were abandoned by their mother and father, who were unable to provide properly for them. Their father suffered fro depression and despair, and the … Read more >>