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mirebalaisMirebalais (Meer-bah’-lay), founded in 1703, is a town in the Central Region of Haiti, 25 miles as the crow flies from Port-au-Prince. The drive takes about 1 ½ hours, driving up Goat Mountain to reach the town. There are approximately 9,000 inhabitants and is surrounded by dozens of smaller communities within a five mile radius. The town features a busy town square surrounded by St. Louis Catholic Church, the Mirage Hotel, and small motorcycles that are a primary mode of transportation for many. In May 2013, Partners in Health built the world’s largest solar powered University Hospital of Mirebalais. It boasts over 1800 solar panels in an area riddled by intermittent power failures. This teaching hospital has over 300 beds, and serves the most complex health needs not resolved in community centers in the Central Region. The hospital complex also includes a dormitory for staff and a helicopter pad.

FATEM Rebuilding and developing a common hope for a brighter, revitalized Mirebalais and its surrounding communities!



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